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KUDOS to Koodo Customer Service

I would like to give kudos to Koodo customer service. I just called them to cancel my old phone from  my account and spoke to Josee. The wait time was not very long, like under 5 minutes. Josee told me that she would have to transfer me to the cancellation department,  I guess I had the wrong department(oops) but she did help me to link my new account and old account for the Self Serve before transferring me. Thanks for your help Josee, you were awesome. The wait to be transferred was not too bad either, my whole phone call was only 13 minutes long. June at the cancellation department placed me on hold to process the cancellation but we were disconnected. SHE CALLED ME BACK RIGHT AWAY.. WOW.  I was so impressed and thankful I would not have to call back to make sure it was done.  Thank you June, you were awesome as well.

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Please don't forget to praise good customer service from time to time like Heather did.  We need their support, when needed, and they need our acknowledgement and praise as well.

Keep up the good work Josee and June !!!
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I can attest to the service. I pre ordered the S8+, and when I received it, it had the pink display issue. I emailed the Web Store with my issue, and three days later I had a replacement at my door with a pre paid shipping kit to return the defective one. Excellent service. (BTW, the replacement S8+ was fine)
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Thanks for the great comments Heather! Will definitely pass your kind words to the team!