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Koodos to Madisson Hernadez

Please commend Madisson Hernadez for all her wonderful assistance she provided this evening. Upset over the increase in my bill, she took the time to carefully review & discuss my airtime usage. I explained my resistance to texting using my older Samsung flip phone since the theft of my Samsung Nexus in April. Punching letters is more difficult & time consuming with smaller letters on little keys. Also, vision difficulties at age 61 (particularly by evening) interfere with texting tasks. Madisson indicated her understanding, but texting would save me $. She suggested later in Sept revisiting Koodo Smartphone promotions/options. Understandably, upgrading to a more progressive device would make texting efforts easier. I also appreciated her acknowledgement of my long standing loyalty to Koodo & giving a one time price adjustment. A Client Service staff member like Madisson definitely contributes to Koodo customer retention. .

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Hey Betsy! Thumbs up to Madisson! We’ll definitely pass it on to her superior. Thank you so much for sharing your customer experience! Have a great day 😃