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Koodo Tab Bonus - Pay off Tab balance early

  • 8 April 2021
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I am a little confused on how the Koodo tab bonus works under certain circumstances. I recently renewed to a Samsung Galaxy S20. I believe retail price is $1105, the Tab that I'm paying off over 24 months is $575 and the Tab Bonus is $530. What happens if I opt to pay out the Tab balance of $575 early? Does the remaining bonus balance just continue to decrease in the backround each month until it hits $0 after the initial 24 months? If I pay out my tab balance and attempt another renewal, do I have to pay out the remaining tab bonus balance at that time? Thanks in advance!

1 reply

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The tab bonus only has to be paid back if you leave koodo or upgrade another phone on the tab before your 24 months is up.