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Koodo service leave too much to be desired!!!

What the hell is wrong with Koodo? I sent them letters but no response, are they dead? Only when I sent the president the responded!! I buoght a phone because my old one did not work properly but the inept salesman (Future Shop) did not program it and I lost an important call. With the collaboration of a Koodo employee he programmed it when I was returning it. Koodo charged me $25 for return and $5 for Data usage. Seriously how could I use unprogrammed dead phone for data???? How was it recorded under my number? It had to be done manually; which is fraud pure and simple. The president's office contacted me and refunded these amounts. But the billing office kept the tax and late charges?? I sent a note tapped to the check pointing that issue and asking for explanation if they disagree; but again dead as a bloody stone. They are charging tax and late payment for things that do not exist any more; isn't that another form of fraud?

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Letters? Maybe Canada Post's pigeons got lost? 🙂 I think Future Shop messed up big time here and they were also the one charging you the $25 for restocking fee. The Future Shop rep may have told you that, but they were making it up. Koodo doesn't charge anything like that. http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/can-we-order-by-phone-how-do-you-deal-with-restocking-fee
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Hey Nady, Thanks for reaching out to us, we would be glad to assist you with this, however, we cannot access your account on this public forum. You can send us an email via this secure link : http://koo.do/11eMLdy (Select "Social Media" for the reason you're contacting us and make sure you log into your Self Serve). We will be able to access your account to help with this situation. We look forward to assisting you! ******************************************** If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Tayeb A wrote:

Hey Nady, Thanks for reaching out to us, we would be glad to assist you with this, however, we...

Seriously? Why would they write you again? They already have the contact info for the President's office. Sending them through that link is going to drive anyone bunkers. Sending a simple email takes an awful lot of effort.