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Koodo says I don't have money on my account, but I do!

Hello people. I got a text from Koodo saying "You don't have enough money in your account to renew your plan." But I do! I use the $15 prepaid plan, and I have $15 on my account. What should I do? I have boosters there, and I don't want to lose them.

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Hi Bruno, That is odd, if you have sufficient funds and you got that message, you should give Koodo a call (*611) and they'll be able to sort your account out. No worries about losing your boosters for another 90 days though - there is quite a nice grace period 🙂
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I'm not an expert on prepaid but if you have the funds in your account then it should be good to go. I would call customer service to confirm.
People, Thanks for the advises. I called *611, and the operator solved my problem. All the best 🙂