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Koodo is my mobile company

I need info from Koodo NOT some 'Community'. Plus, I do not want to pay for this info.

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Then dont post your question in the community? I could tell you how you can get info from Koodo without paying for it. But now I dont want to. Maybe another "Community" member will help you.
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A lot of us are knowledgeable of Koodo's systems and their policies, we just don't have access to account information. If you still don't like us, that's fine. Your best bet is to call customer service. *611 from your phone. They only charge you if they're changing something on your account that you can do yourself online.
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Mr. Davies, may i respectfully suggest that you search for information on the website such as FAQs which in fact, is information from Koodo. Failing that,feel free to call Koodo and expect to be charged for the call to them if it's something you can do yourself