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Koodo is always upgrading its system. Can't give them money even if you wanted to.

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We’re updating our systems. You won’t be able to use our online services and our Reps can’t access your account right now either. But don’t worry, you can always ask our Koodo Community or check out Help if you need answers to general questions. We'll be up and running again January 18 at 12:00 ET. - See more at: http://koodomobile.com/en/on/index-closed.shtml#sthash.5WvzQ4KQ.dpuf Time to set myself another calendar reminder to pay this bill tomorrow. I run into this a lot with Koodo

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It's working right now. Also, just remember that during the middle of the night is when most companies like to do system upgrades/maintenance. This probably wouldn't happen as often if you paid your bill during daytime/regular type hours. Just a suggestion for next time. (Not so lucky) Lucky coincidence that it was down when you wanted to pay your bill again this time.
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In my experience, no (other) website routinely goes offline at midnight. Seriously, this is not common. If these other sites take down the system for maintenance, it must be at some much later time. As for lucky coincidence, I would agree in the sense that there is some randomness involved. However, if they routinely bring down the system at such an early hour (relatively, for unmanned systems), then the probability goes up.