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Other form the 1(866) number listed online is there another contact for Koodo? i am trying to get in contact with Koodo head office in Toronto

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I'm sure there is but it's been heavily limited. Is there any particular reason that you'd like to reach the head office in Toronto? Is there something that a rep here potentially couldn't handle? What's the issue/problem/question?
I have been talking with reps on the 1(866) number since April and I am yet to receive an answer. On Wednesday I was told the supervisor of the department will call me back in a few hours and I am yet to receive a call back. The rep I spoke to refused to give me any information of how I can reach the supervisor. I asked the rep what happens if three days passes by and no call back, he assured me that I would get a call back. However, he also told me that his supervisor's role is administrative duties. I have been going back and fourth with Koodo reps with my bill being over charged because of a technical problem that Koodo had. I was charged $99.89 for data gprs. I have no idea what data gprs is. I told the rep that I was not on a cruise ship, used my phone in an airplane or satellite. I informed him that the message came after I activated the Easy Roam and turned off airplane mode. The rep questioned what I stated even tough I have text proof that Easy roam was activated on my phone. Additionally, my bill was charged for calls that I made during that time because even though i was notified that I had the Easy Roam on my phone, it still charged for calls I made then. Therefore, I need to contact the head office
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I've flagged this for a rep here to look into. Maybe they can do something for you to get this settled.
Ok, thank you
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@Sl1989 i'll flag this to a rep for you

EDIT: i was too slow. Goran has got your covered
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Hello! I have good news for you! The charges will be waived by Monday, at the end of the day. You spoke with an agent today and she made the correction for you, it takes a while to view it into your Self Serve. If you need more details, please, write to us on Social Media, using Facebook or Twitter, we will assist there with more details, since the messages are sent in private. 🙂 Thanks for reaching out to us. Keep us posted! 🙂