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Koodo 20 dollar plan and 10 dollar plan what's it consist of?

What is the 20 dollar plan compose of?I have that and a 10 dollar add on.I have been with Koodo for years but now got a 193.00 bill like what the hell?I use to be able to send photos and can't do that anymore and even had web service and that's gone.I emailed Koodo direct but of course no reply.Any ideas?

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Did you move from a flip phone or feature phone to a Smartphone, bringing your old plan with you?  There is currently no $20 plan offered, and multiple $10 add-ons, but your bill, available on the Self-serve portal, will detail your charges. I'd suggest reviewing it as your first step. Once you let the community know what services were assessed for the charges, this community can offer suggestions as to how to prevent similar costs in future.

If this is your first Smartphone, it works very differently from the former types of phones. Let us now your package name, and the phone you have, for the most complete responses.

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Hi Sheldon,

I'm guessing you are on a grandfathered plan from ages ago! So go into self serve, click on view rate plan, click on the green row with your plan cost and name, to see everything that's included with it. If you need further explanations about it, please post a screenshot of your plan here!
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Sheldon, if you look at third page of your bill it details the various line items and explains why the invoice is as high this month. Please see the local minutes overage used. That is a significant expense incurred this month. Also, it seem you have an older phone that you may want to consider upgrading. You have max out your positive tab which means you can put $150 towards a new phone. I hope this helps.