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Just Newly Upgraded My Phone First Time Through Koodo's Online Shop

  • 23 May 2019
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I just upgraded my phone and plan from S7 to S8 since they offered me to great deal, 10GB for $60, on it. And i happily just received it from Koodo's online shopping today.

and I was wondering if i can use it directly right now with the new sim card they attached on the top of the box of new S8.
because my S7 is still working, i was wondering if it is okay to use them both on same time. Or i'm afraid of paying double for the next payment.

Also relating to previous question, I have a question about the next payment.
I already know that Koodo overlaps the previous monthly payment and this upcoming month's payment if you happen to buy your new phone in the middle of the cycle of the month. So I was wondering how much will it charge it?
I'm currently using $45+$15tab a month and changed to $60+$15.

thanks for reading!

3 replies

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Duplicate post. See response here:
Thank you Dennis for the reply! I put my question on a wrong category but I do not see delete button on here..
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No worries. A koodo rep will clean things up later on