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June 3 CRTC Rule Change

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With the new CRTC rules coming into effect June 3, will Koodo be honoring no cancellation fees for the tab? The way I see it the Tab is a de facto contract as it is very difficult to pay it off.

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No, the Tab has adhered to a 24 month payoff system since CRTC made them mandatory almost 2 years ago. Only very old Tabs (around 2012) will be subject to getting out early.
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How is the tab more difficult to pay off than any other loan?
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My current Tab dates to Feb 2013 and I still "owe" $50. At the current pace I will not pay it off for another 13 months. By my calculation that's a 40 month contract. The problem seems to be exacerbated by the fact I could not switch the old 10% Tab to the 15% Tab. So, how is that a 24 month payoff system?
You should check your account to see if your tab has been cleared. In November 2012, I opened a Koodo account with the old 10% contribution tab system (before the small/medium/large tabs were introduced in July 2013, I think it was). I have an inexpensive monthly plan and my negative tab balance has been coming down slowly. My April 2015 bill included the following note: "On June 3, 2015, we’re dropping your outstanding Tab balance to $0. At this time you’ll be able to choose from our new line-up of plans launching April 19, 2015 and can upgrade to a new Samsung Galaxy s4 for $0." I checked my account earlier today and discovered that the last -$34.41 of my tab was cleared on May 26, a week earlier than expected. I assume this means I am now eligible to switch to one of the new plans, but I haven't yet called Koodo to do so. As I understand it, the "24 month payoff system" began at the same time as the introduction of Tab Small/Medium/Large, so you signed up prior to that, under the same tab rules I did. I suspect that Koodo is in the process of clearing all the pre-July 2013 tabs, but you'll have to check your account or speak to a Koodo representative to be sure.
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Just checked my April bill and mine says the same thing. Hasn't been cleared yet, but it's good to know it will disappear. Thanks!
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Just checked my April bill and mine says the same thing. Hasn't been cleared yet, but it's good t...Hey Nelson 🙂 All Koodo Tabs that were started before June 30, 2013 will be waived to $0 on June 3, 2015. It's the official date but some Koodo Tabs were waived as early as May 25th. Enjoy your weekend!