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John in customer service

Thank you John for the best experience with a cell phone provider EVER! You were so patient and professional. It is not often that I get exceptional service from someone that not only cares about the customer, but searches for the best plan possible. I have to tell you, I was in another cable service company office and before I left, I actually cancelled the service! I felt completely taken care of and didn't feel as if I was another number. You took the time and you never let me get frustrated or paniced as I faced a bill that I was completely uneducated with. I can't thank you enough for such a great customer/provider experience. I will recommend all Koodo services for ever because of you!

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Do you hear that John, you should be proud of yourself and Koodo should be proud of you, congratulations John.. keep up with good work man!!!
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Thanks for the awesome word Rae-Ann! We would love to pass your comments onto John. Can you share a bit more? Were you talking to John over the phone in our contact center?