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If I use the extended absence greeting option when travelling outside Canada and the U.S. will I be billed for the time it takes for callers to ring my phone and listen to the greeting letting them know I am away informing them messages will not be recorded?

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No. It does not use your minutes for other people to reach your voicemail, whether or not they are allowed to leave a message.
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I would suggest putting your phone in flight/airplane mode when you travel. Keep in mind when you check your voicemail out of canada this will cause roaming charges.
Thanks for the answers. I would like to use minimal text messaging for .60 per message but no talk or internet. I need to know how to turn off my emails and any other push internet and make sure no one can leave me a message that will come through another countries towers to my phone.
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You can disable all cellular data access by simply turning off mobile data on the phone.