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I'm currently in Mexico and bought a WiFi card to check how much my texts costs but the usage page is down and *611 isn't working and neither is the other number. I'm wondering if there is any way to find that out soon or if there is an add on for free texts to mexico

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There are no addons to make texting in Mexico free. You're looking at $0.60/message.
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To add to what Marcus said (which is true) Incoming and outgoing texts are charged. So if you receive, you pay. If you send, you pay! Hope I answered your question! Also, I don't know about an existing add-on for Mexico. Only for US
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To agree with Marcus, Koodo does not offer any texting plans for Mexico. What you can do is use the wifi to email, facebook chat/message those that you wish to contact. It could work by taking your koodo sim out so when your phone is on, it will not connect to any mobile network, just wifi
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that can also save you money if you have people that just love to text you about your trip. saves you from those incoming text charges
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Hey Ben, just get a prepaid SIM card from TelCel and it will be cheaper for you to send txts.
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if its to be used in the phone then the phone needs to be unlocked if it isnt already.