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International Credit Card Payment

  • 9 October 2013
  • 2 replies

I seem to not be able to pay my bill with my (international) credit card. I've spoken to customer service and they said they do not accept payment of bills from international cards... is this correct? It seems a bit ridiculous...

2 replies

Yes and No. It really depends on the card and the countries its coming from policy or sharing information with international vendors. It's not that koodo is not accepting it. My (now ex) girlfriend had a lot of trouble when she moved to canada because her international credit card was refused nearly everywhere throught online and IVR because her bank in Australia refuses to release information. While something like an american card we take no problem provided to call in and allow an agent to resgister. If you've called in and an agent attempted to fill it out, and it was refused that is usually the reason why. They'd be the ones to tell you!
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International credit cards should work. You have to call in to register the card first (this takes a couple of days).