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Incentive not honoured and three calls later still nothing

  • 20 November 2020
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I was called by a Koodo representative on about October 17 and asked if i would be interested in switching from Virgin to Koodo as i used to be a Telus customer for many years. The rep, Praveen, offered me incentives as i was still not out of my contract with Virgin and would have to buy out the three phones on my plan. He offered me no connection fee and $50 per phone that i was moving over (so $150 credit) on my first bill to help with the buy outs on the phones. So far the connection fee has been waived but, the credit for the phones has not been applied and now after 3 calls to Koodo i have still not heard from him. I am now past the time frame to switch back to Virgin AND NOT IMPRESSED SO FAR. Koodo reps keep telling me they have to contact Praveen and investigate.

1 reply

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Hello Mandy! We can certainly look into this situation. Please send us a private message on Facebook on m.me/koodo or a direct message on Twitter @koodo and we’ll do our best to assist you.