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impossible to pay with master card/visa/checking acc

i cant pay at all. already speaked with the technician previous month it took like 8 hours pf talks during 3 calls. they fixed in manual mode to pay one time . but nex month the same story. I think i have to leave this provider. i will not call the company anymore. if u dont solve it here i i transfer my number this weekend

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@Olen'ka most of the people here are just customers like yourself and have no ability to help you. There are a few Koodo reps that pop in from time to time, so you might get lucky. But you're better off to either call or direct message them on Facebook.
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From what I gather @Olen'ka, there appears to be a discrepancy between the billing address tied to your credit card, and what we have on file. Given that you're a relatively new customer, our fraud prevention triggers are more strict, to ensure we protect our customers.

I would recommend checking the information connected to your payment card and ensure it matches what we have on file for your account. You can also try a different card, try paying over the phone by dialing #227 (as it's a different system, you may have better luck with the same card here), or pay through your bank by using your Koodo account number.
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What error are you getting?
Does your koodo and credit address match?

And did Koodo say anything abour registering your credit card?

You should still be able to pay with your checking acct with your online banking
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@Olen'ka You are already set up for pre-auth debit, however your bill is not due till later in the month. No need to make a payment just yet.
thank you for yr answers