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If I know I'm going to go over my data plan limit, can i change my plan to the next one up, in the middle of a billing cycle?

I will be using my phone more in the new year, but I don't know if I will be going over my current data plan limit yet. I want to monitor my usage daily until I know what it will be. But I'm wondering if I see, by the middle of the month, that I am going to go over my current plan limit, if I can change my plan right then to the next limit up, or will I have to stop using my phone as much until the next billing period?

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Hi Lesley, Yes you can. Your new plan will be prorated. Meaning you pay for half month of the old plan + half month of your new plan. For example, if your old plan is $30 and you change your plan in the middle of the month to $40. Your proration will be $35. Hope this helps 🙂
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It's up to you really. If you don't want to change plan due to cost and wish to keep it as is you can. But if you do, good idea to stop using data when you reach your limit. If you're willing to upgrade your plan you can but your minutes will be prorated but your data won't be (assuming if it's not an unlimited minute price plan).
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Keep in mind that if you go over before you change your plan you will be charged for the overage, the new plan doesn't cover that overage.
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Depending on your plan (especially a grandfathered one from previous years), the data overage rate (pay per-use rate) is very acceptable that it's not worth it to up the plan