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I would like to talk to someone and have them explain it to us please

I text and my husband has only used his phone once in the past month. We have been charged 319 and 247 minutes - how can this be?

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Hi there Corrine... Nobody here has access to your account, what you can do is, go to your Self Service account and check your bill, you will see the details of every single call made or received... If your plan does not include unlimited incoming calls, they will count towards your daytime minutes, so check it out, think if someone else has access to your cellphones, but if it is showing in your bill, it is because those minutes were used... If you still don't find the answer checking your bill online, you can always call Customer Service *611 from your cell or 1-866-995-6636
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Are you saying you and your husband never used the phone for talking? And you have charges on your bill? THat would be very strange and I would think maybe, just maybe you are misinterpreting your bill? Are you paying more than any other month?