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I would like make arrangements to pay my bill on the 4th of Nov.

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Duane, pls dial #123 from your phone and select option 3.
I cant get through at all!! because my card is not registered!! Plz e-mail me the process!1 I am very discouraged at the whole Koodo system!!
I use my phone for work related phone calls!!
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Hi Duane,
It has been 1 year since you started the thread.
So just to confirm, did your SIM Card work? have you checked your selfserve account?
the link about billing payment is here: https://www.koodomobile.com/help/how-pay-your-bill
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What do you mean by "I cant get through at all!! because my card is not registered?
Your SIM card or credit card?

If youe service is disconnected and can't use *611/ #123, then you can send a message through FB

Or ask your friends, family members or coworker to use their phone and call 1-866-995-6636