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I was a few days late on a bill, now every month it shows that it has never been paid? When will they make the adjustment?

I noticed that every month since being late on a payment, my bill total is as though I missed the payment completely. When will this adjustment be made? I've never missed a payment, only been a few days late once.

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After you missed the payment, did you possibly Wait 30 days until the next payment?
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Not sure but this sounds like maybe it's a missing payment? You made the payment months ago and it's not showing up on your invoice?
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You should call Customer Care ASAP! *611 (From your Koodo phone) or 1-866-995-6636
No, after I missed the bill payment date, I paid the full amount about 2 or 3 day late. I never waited 30 days.
I imagine I'll have to take all my payment statements into a Koodo booth to prove that the payments have been made. I think it is ridiculous that by being late on one bill by a couple of days one time, I am month after month showing that it was never paid.