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I've used 41M and your reporting says I have used 275M. How do I get this corrected?

Koodo data usage Reporting is now broken as of late November 2017 whereas it always worked properly before. I also just got a notice saying that shock free was just added to my account so perhaps that's how the bug was introduced. How do I get this fixed before my data usage gets capped prematurely or I start getting charged for data that I didn't use. Please help I cannot find a contact phone number on the website that doesn't say I will be charged to call it, which is ridiculous when I'm calling because of the potential of being charged for data I didn't use! BTW the daily usage is correct and shows the total of 41M, however the summary shows 100% of my 250M add-on as all used, plus another 25M of my 300M that came with my plan also used, which then triggered Koodo sending me a text saying I have used 275M or 50% of my 550M total for the month, which is how I realized there was a problem.

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Fees are only charged for a CSR completing a task you could have completed your self, in Self-serve. Since this issue can’t be addressed in Self-serve, dial,away!
Thanks very much David I will!