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I've never set up self serve, but the website says I have! Apparently my name doesn't match the name on my account. I am very confused

  • 20 October 2017
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I'm very upset, while the website says my number has an account, it's apparently not linked to my email or my name! I had this set up in store at a mobile shop and was told payments would come out automatically but they do not, and now I can't even do it manually!

1 reply

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Hi there!

Did you provide your e-mail at the moment of the activation? If yes, most likely you received or will, an e-mail from Koodo to set up Self Serve account...

So if you are tying, it might say that there is already a profile attached to your account....

If there is no e-mail, will suggest to contact Koodo to delete profile attached to your account, and create a new one.