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I phoned you today, that I paid, $126.00 on thursday. I tried my phone and there is no connection yet?

I turned my phone off for about 1/2 hour and turned iyt on again and it says no phone connection. Whats wrong, Did I do that right?

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Hi Aggie, Well it could be many, many reasons based on the description you gave... What phone is it? What plan did you get? Do you see Koodo or Telus when you look for providers in the settings?
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Try doing this. While the phone is on take out the battery and SIM Card for a minute or so then replace them and try it again. If you have a phone with a non removable battery then try turning on airplane mode for a minute or so then turn it back on. Also make sure your phone isn't set to 2g or gsm only in the settings menu under networks.
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Part of the problem could be how you paid your bill. If you paid through your bank (even by online banking) it can take 3-5 business days to be processed. Depending on what time you paid on Thursday Friday could have been day one, today would have been day two. Have you checked your balance on self serve or by dialling #123 to see if the payment has been processed/received yet?