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I paid more

Hi! I just cancel my account and I paid my last bill, but I made a mistake and I paid more, Is there any way to get a refund?

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First see if it's not too late to cancel the payment to redo it with your bank. You can usually do this 1, maybe 2 days after you made the payment. If it's too late, I don't know if Koodo automatically does it, but you will be able to call and get the difference refunded to you.
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Hi Gabriela, Koodo will mail you a cheque with the amount they owe you.
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Hey Gabriela! Just to clarify, if the payment went through you'll receive a final invoice with a (-) sign in front of the amount that we owe you.  Once received, you must give a call to our payment service team to issue a cheque as this will not be done automatically.  Thank you 🙂