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I lost my phone and suspended it a month ago but they are STILL charging me for it.

I lost my phone (which i had bought up right) in early September. Money was tight, so i had to let my bill pile up. By September 27th, my overview states that the pre authorized payment for my overdue bill of $197.12 went through. Payment received. At which time, (October 3rd my overview states) i went online to my koodo self serve account and suspended my phone on grounds of having lost it. I though that since I had paid my bill in full, and suspended my account, that I would no longer receive billing, until I found/replaced my phone. How ever, I just received a bill for $288.00. Claiming that I never paid the $197.00, as well as charging me my $45.00 monthly charge (oct 8th to nov 7th) and a $35.00 reconnection charge (and $2.00 for a paper billing fee). I don't mean to be rude, but what the hell koodo? Up until I lost my phone, I had really enjoyed this service, even bragged to my friends when they complained about how their phone services screwed them over time after time. I have no idea how I am supposed to sort this out, and I certainly do not have the money to afford to pay this bill. Please help.

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Unfornately you thought wrong. Just because you suspended the service, does not mean the bill doesn't get paid. It's within Koodo's ToS that the billing will continue regard of services used or not(this includes suspensions). You could call and attempt to dispute the charges IF THEY ARE NOT OVER 30 DAYS. Regardless of whether you get assistance from Koodo, you will still need to pay your balance.
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How did you pay the bill of $197.12? If you paid by the credit card, you should have a statement to proof of payment. For suspend of your service. If you Suspend / Restore Phone due to a stolen phone, you still have to pay for your service. But Koodo doesn't charge for reconnection if it was a Temporary suspend or restore of a lost phone So you can ask Koodo about the reconnection charge. (There might be another reason for it or a mistake) And the Paper billing fee. You could switch to the E-bill. You will receive a bill notification and you will log into your self serve account to check your bill. You don't receive a paper bill nor pay $2 fee this way. Call customer service at1-866-995-6636 and ask about your bill..