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I have been charged fees that I would like an explanation for

  • 15 October 2020
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I can’t seem to figure out who I can speak to so I can better understand my bill.

My bill says I was charged $7 for airtime and $10 for data on the same day my plan switched from 100MB 100 min Plan SFD to Unltd Min Plan.

First of all, my data is always off, so that part of the fee already makes no sense. But even still, assuming I did actually use the data that I didn’t, and made calls, how can I be charged for both on the same day?

I went from some data and limited minutes to no data and unlimited minutes. the 3MB that I alledgedly used is under the 100MB I had. So I would think that on that single day, I could be charged for airtime, or for data, but not both.

I already got screwed with large fees the previous month over needing to use more talk time, but I’m not understanding why this is an ongoing issue?

6 replies

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Check your bill to determine the $7 charge date & time  against the 100min exceedance.

Regarding the data charges, did you have your mobile data disabled at all times?

Check your bill to determine the $10 charge date & time  against the 100MB data exceedance.

The $10 is a data charge is for data exceedance

Yes, I do not ever use data with this phone. It is for texts and voice calling only.

I did look at my bill and it makes no sense to me. I tried finding a support link on the Koodo website, which took me to a bot that wasn’t very helpful. Only other link I could find was to here.

There is a zero chance I exceeded data, let alone used any. Unless the LG G5 uses data while data is disabled somehow?

The airtime exceedance doesn’t make any sense anyway as I was already on an unlimited plan at that point.

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Comparing your call and data charge dates to the date you switched over to your new plan will help understand if these charges are justified and why.  You have access to your self serve account and your detailed bill that include the relevant information. If you cannot determine these details by yourself, maybe a koodo official rep, who has access to your account and bill, can help you out.

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Even though you are not using data, there is some instances where your phone will leak data. That would explain the 10$ charge. Also, if you want more details about your bill, contact Koodo by scheduling a callback via the Digital Assitant.

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What is your billing cycle and when did you change your plan?

Those charges occurred most likely because of the proration.

You mentioned you had a plan with 100min.   If you switched your plan at half way in - say 15 days in  - then you had only 50min you can use.  But if you already used 62 min at that point, then you used  12 minutes extra and you get overage charge. 

And for your data charge.  $10 charge occurred as soon as your data usage hit over 250kb, and you can use up to 100mb.   You mentioned your data was off. But you need to check how the background data usage are setting up on your phone for all/many apps ... Many apps are trying to access your data especially when you use MMS.

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Can you post a screenshot of Page 3 and 4 of your detailed PDF ebill?  just black out any personal info