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I have a $50 plan and today I got my bill for $300 for no reason!!! what do i do?

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Review your bill and see why it's $300.
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Look at the bill and look at the reason. There is always an explanation on your bill. It could be a data or talk time overage..? http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/billing-and-payment-options/how-do-i-read-my-bill If you still doubt about your bill, call customer service. *611 from your phone 🙂
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It's highly unlikely that your bill is $300 without reason. 🙂
There most likely is a reason associated, if nothing out of your scope of plan there may have been a mistake of the rest of your tab being added onto your bill which is a mistake that has been made before and is just a *611 phone call away from being fixed.