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i got over billed for only 3 day of service

I came to koodo on 26th december and by discovering the poor service where i live I cancelled it on 29th december stilli got the bill for $47.90

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Your first billing period is pro-rated from when you signed up to the billing date. You are also charged services for the upcoming month in advance This occurs when anyone signs up with a provider. Similarly, when you change a plan,  both the old plan and the new are pro-rated for the portion of the month they were active. Here’s link for you describing the process. 
Then go to "charges on my first bill"

Your next bill would include the adjustment for your cancellation. You should be able to go to your Self-serve, and see the adjustments to your bill due to your cancellation, and make payment in that amount.

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Just curious, where do you live where there is poor reception?