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I don't understand why my bill is so high.

how did I run up $55. in additional minutes used?? -..I have free in Canada calls up to 55mins

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Hi there Maureen... Could you please share a little bit more... What is the plan you currently have? Also, tell us if you have recently changed your plan? Remember that the Self Service account is available for you all the time to monitor your minutes and avoid going over...
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Based on the rate of 45 cents per minute for overages, it seems that you went over the plan alloted minutes buy 122 minutes.
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Your ebill will show you number of calls you made/received and the duration for that billing period.
Ihave not seen my detailed ebill ever !
Gillian Richardson wrote:

Ihave not seen my detailed ebill ever !

Log into your Self Serve account and click on the billing tab. Then click on the date of the bill you want to look at. This will pull up a detailed bill.
This months bill is twice my usual amount Why?
Gillian Richardson wrote:

This months bill is twice my usual amount Why?

We can't answer that, this isn't a forum for account related questions. Look at your bill, that will tell you why.
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Hey Gillian, Log into your Self Serve account and view your Billing. There should be an "E-bill" available and then you can see your detailed billing which should open up as a PDF file. You can see what the charges are for. I'm guessing they are overages in minutes but we're not sure since we can't actually look into your account since we are not Koodo Reps and this is a public online forum. After you see your charges, if you believe they are a mistake then you will need to contact Koodo. You can contact them via phone (*611 on your Koodo Cell - it is free) and then talk to a Koodo rep or you can send an email to Koodo. Here is a link to "Koodo's Contact Us": http://koodomobile.com/en/on/contact.shtml We also don't know what type of plan you have, what your usage was, etc. I think it's best to contact Koodo asap.
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It seems that you are going by the call timer on your phone, for if you were relying on Koodo's timer online, you would have gotten your answer without the need to post! Koodo charges by the minute, and rounds up calls to the next minute. Your timer doesn't. So if you made two 30 second calls, you didn't use 1 minute of airtime, but 2. Like everyone else mentioned, check your usage online and see where you went over, but if my hypothesis is correct, you didn't take rounding into consideration when you figured you stayed within your 55 mins. That, or your phone pocket-dialed its way into overage without you realizing!