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I currently owe and would not be able to pay for approx 2 weeks after the due date, will my phone be shut off?

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Hi Madeleine,
It depends really on whether you are on a limited spending plan or a regular plan. None of us here can judge for you, I really suggest you call Koodo (*611) to talk about your situation 🙂 They will be able to tell you how and what 🙂
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You might like to contact *611 option 3 and then option 5 for payment arrangements. Or #227 from your koodo cellphone. It depends on your account, credit profile, payment history and so on. But come on! Koodo understand and if you will be late, your get a payment arrangement through the automated system or with a real agent. No worries 🙂
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I assume if you have good credit, they'll just pile your old bill with the new bill. One time I forgot to pay my bill and my next month's bill consisted my last month's charge and my current month's charge as well. You should really call Koodo about this though. Give them a heads up.
As customers we cannot really answer this, but I would talk to Koodo about it, maybe the collections department, and see what they can do about your outstanding balance. Maybe you could ask them about making your phone bill more expensive to help you pay off the amount that you owe? Hope you get this sorted out !