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I changed things, and paid, but my bill is confused. Why?

Hi, about 2 months ago I changed my phone and plan so that it is all under my name. It was under my dad's name before, but I was still paying all the bills myself through online banking. Last month I paid my bill the way I had always done before, but my bill this months says that I did not pay last month's bill. Why is this? Did I send the money to the wrong place?

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were you possibly a few days late making the payment last month? If the payment is received after you billing close date it will not be reflected on the next bill.
Did you look at both of the bills to see if the account number was the same?
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MarioB's right, if you've put your account from your father's name to your name that could only be a transfer of ownership. With a transfer of ownership a new account is actually activated with a new number, so if you're still paying the old account number the money isn't paying your current bill. This is easily solved by calling Koodo's account management team (#227) they can redirect the payments AND give you the new account number so you can register it with your bank account.