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I can't pay with my credit card

My credit card was terminated and the new card will be sent next month. I want to pay my bill through my another credit card, but it doesn't allow. What can I do?

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Hi there Lulu... If the Credit Card is under your name, you may call Customer Service and there is a form to fill out to register the other Credit Card on the system... Once the form is sent by Customer Service you may retry to make the payment again within 72 hrs...
Your credit card must match the name and billing information that is on your Koodo account. If it doesn't, you'll need to get it registered.
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Hi Lulu Can you pay through the bank for now? If you do online banking, visit your online account and add Koodo as a payee. It usually takes 3 - 5 business days for banking payment to take place though.
Thanks! How can I add Koodo as a payee?
Lulu Wang wrote:

Thanks! How can I add Koodo as a payee?

When you log into your online bank account you should see an Add Payee option. Click that, then you should be able to choose from a list and Koodo Mobile should be in there. Make sure to know your account number as it'll ask for it.