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huge bill

I have number on my phone I am being billed for calling over 100 times, I am not sure what this is but it says Part.TV CL, there was a night that I forgot my phone at a local restaurant but when I went back to pick it up the following day it was there. These are not my charges but it does look its possible that someone used my phone to make these calls. Is there anything we can do to make this less painful, do I have to call to speak to customer servicd

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We don't have access to your account information. You'd have to call into customer service to report the issue. Maybe there's something they can do but I don't want to set the expectation.
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Call customer service and explain the situation. Hopefully, they can do something about reversing those charges. Ultimately, you are responsible for the calls made on your phone. If in the future you realize that your phone is missing, it is your responsibility to immediately notify Koodo so that they can prevent unwanted calls/charges (as you would do when you are missing your debit/credit card). This would limit your liability.
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What's the number netxt to that where Part TV Cl is? I've seen that before for a quiz show, but normally it's a local number with no charge. Have you looked at if data was used or someone buying apps?