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How to switch monthly plan to a prepaid plan?

I'm planning on switching my monthly phone plan to a prepaid plan, how do I do this? When should I switch? My next bill comes in 19 days. I've seen previous answers saying it's best to switch at the end of your cycle? How do I know when my billing cycle? And is there anything I should know when switching plans? Like will i be charged extra...??

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Hi Dena, If you are going to switch to Koodo prepaid, your plan will be terminated immediately - all you need to do is port your number over 🙂 Of course you'd still have to pay off any remaining Tab, but otherwise, no extra charges and no specific date on which you need to switch!
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Switching from monthly to prepaid is basically like switching to another provider since it's a separate kind of service. But it's the same company so you can use the same phone, etc. You won't be charged extra except for your last monthly plan and any outstanding tab.
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Your postpaid SIM card will not work with a prepaid account. Since you'll likely be using your existing phone and depending on what type of phone you have and the type of SIM card it uses now, (full size SIM card for older devices, micro or nano SIM card for newer devices), you will need to buy a prepaid SIM card. Pricing is either $10 or $20. (Click on link below for more information). https://shop.koodomobile.com/phones/accessories/index.html Another alternative is to buy a prepaid phone outright, the prepaid SIM card is free with all new prepaid Koodo HSPA compatible phones. Koodo also includes a $20 Activation Bonus which can be used towards the purchase of a base plan or booster. https://shop.koodomobile.com/phones/prepaid/index.html