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How to split a bill?

My sister and I are currently sharing one bill for two phones(both phones are under my mom's name because they were a.gift) but i am updating my plan so my costs would be higher. How do I separate or pay for my own bill online?

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A transfer of ownership ($25) can be initiated by the person who's name is on the account. This can be done via phone or kiosk if you are both there. Note that you guys will lose unlimited calling within the same account since you will no longer be in the same account. Or you can just pay whoever is paying the bill more every month. Depends how tight your family is.
thank you!
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Couldn't you decide to pay different amount by different credit cards? For example credit card 1 pays 30$ and credit card 2 pays 45$? Would it work??
I was thinking of that before but I didn't want to take a chance ( might pay extra if doesn't work?)
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I don't think you might pay extra... But isn't the 25$ already considered as an extra, so why not just give it a try instead of paying 25$
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Page 3 of the .pdf splits the charges of each individual line, taxes included. Just go by that. One of the few actual improvements on the new bill format.