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How to separately view past due amounts of multiple phones?

How do I view separately what me and my girlfriend owe from the last 3 months? Our e-bill only separates the most recent bill's charges, not past months, so we can't tell who owes what beyond the most recent bill. We owe ~$250. At ~$50/month, someone owes 3 months' worth and the other owes 2 months' worth. We need to know who owes which amount.

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Look at self serve, check previous months' bills, compare to payments made. There's no other way to do it. Joint accounts were never designed to be treated as separate.
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You can check the previous bills? Once an amount becomes past due it's the whole account that's past due.
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Just to add onto this further, when a payment is made, it is made to the entire account balance, not a particular line. Thus, it's technically impossible to obtain the specific information you are looking for(which phone still owes).