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How to pay?

Hi there!
I have got a little problem with paying for my bill. Whole situation needs explanation so..
At August 18, 2015 I have signed the Agreement with Koodoo for the monthly plan. When I had came home with my new sim card i realized that my phone is broken and I dont need my new plan just because I dont need data which plan included. For three weeks I was trying to contact koodoo in different ways but with no effect. Finally at 18 or 19 September I reached by some women in Koodoo infoline and explained her everything. I was telling her that it was very hard to contact infoline and that I was at the koodoo point and they said to me that only way is to call the infoline to cancel my plan and the most important thing that by that month I had not used any byte of data and hadn't made any phone call or text and that I am sure that she can easly check it. She told me that after all I have to pay for that month and that she had already canceled my plan. Ok if I have to, no problem, but I dont know how i must do it? I wanted to register to selv serve and make payment by my credit card but it is now impossible probably because my phone number is canceled. I am now in my country - Poland and calling to infoline to pay is also difficult. I dont know how I can pay for this "plan" , have You got any suggestions, maybe bank transfer or something else? Please explain step by step how to do this. Only thing I am now sure that I will never choose Koodoo again.

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I've inquired about your situation. Someone official should be replying in the future.
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Hello Jan! There are many ways that you can pay for your bill.

1)You can call us in at +1 647-788-4337 (press 0 a couple of times to speak to an agent faster) and make a credit card payment if you still have an active Canadian credit card and bank account

If you do not have an active Canadian bank account, then you have two more options:

1) You can mail us a check (which will need to be in Canadian dollars) at:  

Koodo Mobile 
 CP 11005 
 SUCC Centre Ville 
 Montreal, QC 
 H3C 4T5

Please make sure to include your account number on the check.

2) Ask a friend or a family member who is still in Canada to make the payment on your behalf. They can pay via their online banking, all they would need is to add Koodo Mobile as a payee with your account number.

You can also refer to http://koo.do/Joixyw for more details. Have a good day!