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How to change plan without being prorated

This is my first month Koodo and everything is so far so good. However, I find changing plan is little uncomfortable in terms of billing. I don't like my monthly cycle/usage being prorated. Not only make the following bill not normal(which I can bear) but also might generate overage charges. Therefore, ones have to check their usage before changing plans. I think plan change should be easy and worry-free( of these overage charges) According to (http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/charges-explained/what-happens-when-i-make-changes-to-my-account), it didn't mention what would happen if plan change is made EXACTLY on the Bill Start Date. Would that avoid being prorated? My bill date is 16th, so bill start date is 17th. If it works, should I make plan change on the 16 or 17? Does it matter when to make change of that day? Also, I heard that customer centre can make plan change pending for new monthly cycle. I wonder if Koodo could add that option for plan change in Self Serve. Thank you very much.

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You can change your plan yourself in self serve, just keep in mind that your plan can only be changed once during a billing cycle. To avoid or lessen prorated charges you just have to change your plan on the last day of your billing cycle, so if your cycle is starting on the 17th then change your plan on the 16th. Your usage doesn't matter when changing plans as if you go over youraalloted minutes or data and then change your plantthat change doesn't cover your overage data while you were on the previous plan. You'll pay the overage and then have a prorated amount of time / data for the remainder of the billing cycle not the full ll amount of time / data. Oh and keep in mind also that any changes you can do in self serve will be charged for if you call and get customer service to do it, so it's always best to do yourself through self serve
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You can change your plan yourself in self serve, just keep in mind that your plan can only be cha...

The second paragraph is really helpful, thanks a lot. I didn't mean what you were talking about in the third paragraph. of course, overage charge is there accordingly and repesctively, I understand completely. What I was trying to say is, let's say I have 300 mins for a cycle(30days). There fore, I have 10 mins daily on average. However, I could have used 200 mins by 15 days. (50 mins over the prorated mins if I decide to change plan on that day). I could wait for 5 more days and meanwhile didn't use any mins (not practical, just an example). So, by 20th day, I have used 200 mins and will be not be charged overage if I change plan on that day. This is the scenario I was talking about. You have to think about that before plan changing to avoid overage charges since realistic usage is not evenly spread over the cycle.