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How should I pay?

Usually I here Koodo can only be bought or paid (the monthly plan). So my question is; What are all the methods of payments possible for paying for the plans/phones?

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Here you have the Method of payments for the bills! Credit Card / 2 days Western Union / 2 days Telephone/Online Banking / 5 days Money Mart 5 days Bank ATM (registered) / 5 days Bank ATM (un-registered) / 10 days Cheque (via mail) / 10 days Bank Teller (registered) / 5 days Bank Teller (un-registered) / 10 days
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For me the easiest way is: I add "Koodo" to my RBC list of payments then using the RBC App I pay Koodo. I can get it all done in less than a minute. I can do it as quickly paying through RBC's 1800# too, but I prefer the App.