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How do the data overage fees work?

I currently have the old Canada-Wide Data Double 45 plan which includes 1GB of data. Looking at the plan details, it says additional data is $5/500MB. As I've been approaching my limit the past couple of months (THANK YOU for the text alerts, btw), I am curious how this works. I'm assuming that if I use between 1-1.5GB of data, my next bill will just be $5 higher, and then the following month it will go back to normal if use less than 1GB, but I want to be sure. Is this correct, or is there something I have to do to add additional data to my plan before I go and use it?

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If I'm reading your question correctly, you're only charged the overage on the month you actually go over. Your account restarts on your bill date so you'd have a fresh 1gb to consume every month. You wouldn't be charged another overage unless you went over again. Hope this helps.
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You are correct Dennis... As soon as you cross the 1 GB mark, you will be at 5$/500 MB additional, so, 1.5 Gb, you will be charged your 45$ plan + 5$ for 500 MB extra, and so on.... Keep an eye on your Self Service account to make sure you do not go over, and as Chad said, identify your billing cycle date to know when you start fresh again... Enjoy!
Thanks for the info! I'm fine with going over, as I can't see using more than 1.5GB of data. $5/500MB is reasonable, and I'm glad I jumped on the plan I did when I switched to Koodo. 🙂