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How do I sign my plan over to someone else?

I'm having trouble as a student being able to afford this phone so I wanted to sell it and sign the two year contract over to someone else. Is that possible?

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Ahmad 1 year ago To complete a "Transfer of Responsibility", you need to first call Koodo at *611 from your Koodo phone (only over phone) and tell them you want to authorize a transfer of responsibility. They will ask you the persons name and then they usually have 7 days to call back to complete the transfer by calling Koodo and completing the credit check, etc. You don't have to be with the other person when they call Koodo to finish putting it in their name. A $25 fee will apply to the person who takes over the account.
But Just so you know you are not in a contract with Koodo- if for whatever reason you cannot find someone to take over your account you can always leave Koodo at anytime- you will just be responsible for paying off your tab.
How much would just the tab be? I have a samsung galaxy s 3
You can check you existing tab balance by logging into Self Serve at koodomobile.com. Also shows it on your bill.
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The transfer of ownership will transfer the tab owing (or the positive tab) to the incoming person as well. Also, at this time, the incoming person has 10 days (changed from 7 days) to call after you initiate the transfer of ownership. Koodo would run a credit check to determine if we can offer service and what sort of tab would be available (if your tab is over this then TOWN (transfer of ownership) would not go through).