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How do I get old debt removed from my credit report

I had an old account maybe 3 years ago. I was never contacted about it being in arrears (my brother was supposed to be paying the bill). A collection agency called me saying I owed money which I paid in full right then. I then called Koodo to find out why I was not notified they said I had been which is incorrect. I even double checked they had my correct number, mailing address and email . Which was all correct but I had no idea about arrears I hadn't received a letter or call from Koodo. The collection agency never reported to the credit bureau but I have 2 separate Koodo accounts showing in collections which there's only one account I had. I would like this information corrected or removed. I want to know who I speak with to get this fixed.

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Errors on your Credit Report are usually addressed to the Credit Bureaus. You can contact TransUnion and Equifax to learn how to address this issue. If, as you have stated, it was not reported to the Credit Bureaus, than you only have to deal with the collection agency. Once you have the necessary info, you may need to contact Koodo billing department to obtain confirmation that you only ever had one account. Then you can proceed from there.