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how do i get my koodo bill sent to my bank inbox?

I would like my bills to go to my bank (epost) as all my bills are sent there..how can i set up koodo as well? thanks

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This will depend on your bank. According to RBC, Koodo is eligible for eBill services. You would have to set it up via your bank's online banking http://www.rbcroyalbank.com/online/ebillers.html
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You will have to add Koodo as an authorized mailer to your epost account. You will need to open a Self-serve account with Koodo first because you will need it to authorize epost to receive your Koodo bills. Go to the epost section of your online banking site. This should bring you to your bank-branded epost website. Find the option to "Add a Mailer". You will find Koodo listed under "KOODO MOBILE". You will then be re-directed to the Koodo login site to authorize epost to receive your bills. Complete the authorization and you should have Koodo as a Mailer in your epost inbox. Good luck.
Thanks soo much!! 🙂