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How do I disengage from the account of my ex?

Hello! Following a divorce , I am attempting to disengage my phone charges from the bill of my ex. Dialling 611 was not helpful because there is no option ...unless I somehow missed it....to perform this action. What shall I do? Thank you.

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I'm not sure that I follow. Do you have two lines that you want to separate into two accounts? If so, you'll need to complete a transfer of ownership request at a Koodo store. A credit check will be performed for the person who isn't the current account owner. Both of you will need to provide ID.
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Hi Taina, actually, this isn't something that can be done at a kiosk, other than the sales rep calling customer service for you from their landline. It must be done with Customer Service over the phone (1-866-995-6636 or *611 from your cell). If you both can be present, and just hand the phone over to each other, that would be the easiest, otherwise you'll both have to call in to do the transfer. Quickest way to get in touch with them is when you call, hit 1, then zero a bunch of times, and that will get you past the menu, and to a person. Good luck Taina!