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How do I change my name to make Credit Card payments?

Koodo won't accept my Credit Card. My names don't match. I'm using a Canadian VISA card, but it keeps saying they don't accept it. I called to provide extra information, but nothing works. What do I do?

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Either Koodo or the credit card provider would need to update their information so they both match. When that happens, it can take around 24 hours before a credit card payment can be made/accepted.
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The accents in your name can make a huge difference. Make sure they both math, LETTER FOR LETTER, ACCENT FOR ACCENT. Good luck!
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Another question is, is it a Visa or a Visa Debit?
This happened with me to. Koodo had spelled my name wrong so I couldn't make payments. They apparently corrected it I still couldn't make payment. Koodo told me they had to send a request to my bank and that I'd get a text when I was able to pay the bill. No text yet, but my bill has skyrocketed since I haven't payed it yet. Not happy with Koodo at the moment.