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How can you charge me, when I don't even have my SIM yet?

  • 19 May 2020
  • 2 replies

I signed up to Koodo on May 14. I still haven’t received my Koodo SIM card, and today I get emailed a bill, and there is a partial charge for May 14-17 for $6.67 + tax. How can you charge someone for an account that isn’t even activated yet??  I am bringing my own phone.

2 replies

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Did you get a tracking number for your sim?  When is it scheduled to be delivered?


Regarding the bill, Koodo started the charge based on when they estimate your sim will arrive.  This is an estimation.  Once you get your sim, I recommend sending Koodo a message (private msessage via facebook or twitter) explaining when you got the sim and a rep can credit you that charge when you didnt have your sim yet.  Just do not contact Koodo until AFTER you get your sim since then they will know how many days of credit to give you.


In the mean time, Just pay the bill.

I read a couple of other posts here, and I’ve already reached out on FB. They told me when the SIM comes in to contact them, and they’d fix it for me 😉

Yes I’ve been tracking it, and it was supposed to arrive today, but didn’t. Apparently, Canada Post is backed up, because of Covid-19 - the social distancing etc., and so many people making online purchases, and having them shipped.

Thanks for the quick reply!