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Just got my bill and it reads,
 (Partial charges $21.67 ,$65 3GB Unltd min Plan SFD (Aug 04 To Aug 13),
what does it mean please?
My monthly plan is $65, no phones!!!

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Is it your first bill? If so, the partial charges will be a portion of your monthly bill from when you signed up, until your billing date (which doesn't necessarily coincide with the day you joined). If it's not the first bill, did you recently change plans? If so, that will also be prorated.
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Hi Divine, if this is your first bill it's proration which is the part month from tbr time you signed up till your billing date plus the month in advance. Every carrier does this so its not out of tbr ordinary and your next bill will be inline with your monthly charge if you have no overages, so the $65 plus taxes.
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Link with explanation of first bill.