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hidden fees?

I have a plan that is 30$, I am wondering if there are any hidden fees I should expect ?

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Hi there... With koodo there is no hidden fees... Just remember that for some provinces there is a 911 Government Fee... (for example Quebec 0.40$ / NB 0.53$)...
I just got the same plan actually! I guess we'll find out together lol
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Nope, your rate plan is clearly laid out to you. You will only get charged for extra airtime, messaging (if applicable) and data use if you go beyond your plan, US roaming charges, or a reconnection fee if your bill ever goes into default. There's nothing on top of what your base plan + add-ons equal to. Keep in mind that your first bill and any bills after a rate plan change and/or upgrade will look higher than normal but that is because of proration: billing from the point of activation/change up until your billing cycle and then the following month - subsequent bills will be normal.
You will also get HST or GST charge Eg.. In BC... 12% charge 30.00 month add in 3.60