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hi i have made my first payment in january and it still doesn't show that i did

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Hi Shelley. How did you make the payment? Was it via credit card? Online banking? Teller at the bank? If it was paid in January, it would have most definetly been applied to the account by now unless something went wrong along the way which could include paying the wrong account number
I paid it at my bank at the teller
I paid it at my bank at the teller
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shelley lumsden wrote:

I paid it at my bank at the teller

It most likely went against a wrong account. You'll need to contact customer service by phone or email to get this sorted out. I recommend having a copy of the payment receipt from the bank handy.
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Hi Shelley!

If you made a payment in January and we have not yet received it, there is definitely a problem.

You will first need to contact your financial institution to confirm with them that the money was sent to us and to the right account number. They may need to do an investigation.

Keep us posted 🙂